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Serving our community with care the Acare way!

We are dedicated to impacting the world by serving our community with heart and care. Founded on love and inspired by the people, the Acare Foundation, Inc. will serve our community through outreach, resources, and assistance in any way we can.

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Acare Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to serve the community through providing resources, support, and services to those in need. Founded on love and care, we strive to be pathway towards community and unity for all.

This organization has been in the planning phases for a while and now we are blessed enough to have partnerships and relationships with community organizations who share our same goals and missions.

Started in Jacksonville, FL by local natives, our founders saw a need in the community and decided to do something about. From that moment, they have been able to connect with so many families in need and hope to continue to spread awareness and offer support nationwide and not only locally.

Giving back to those in need is our mission!


We hope to take Acare Foundation, Inc. nationwide in the near future and partner with global organizations who are dedicated to making a difference.

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Our team is comprised of caring individuals from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. Our diverse, yet unified, team not only shares a passion for helping others, but each of them bring appreciated insight to the organization as a whole. We are always looking to grow and add other amazing partners to the team so if you think you'd be a great asset to the community and to the Acare Foundation, send us an email or contact us!

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